WebSDR for es'hail-2 NB-Transponder


this SDR program was specially developed for the es'hail-2 narrow band transponder. It is a full SDR receiver adaptable to a variety of frequencies and can be used with the original signal at 739 MHz as well as downmixed signals from transverters or other down-mixers.

The idea of this software is:

install and run it on a i.e. Rasperry PI, connect the SDR and connect it to your home network. No user interface, no keyboard or mouse is required (except for installation)

then use any other computer, tablet or smartphone, open the browser, enter the Raspi's IP address and watch and/or hear the satellite as a live stream. It's easy like that. Put the Raspberry somewhere under the table and forget it. Just use a web browser on any of your devices to listen to the satellite.

Standard Setup: es'hail-2 will be received on 739 MHz:


Modifying the LNB's reference to receive in the 70cm band, the GPS reference delivers: 25,769231 MHz


Using a Down-Mixer (or Transverter) to any band (i.e. 2m, 70cm, 23cm, 10m ...)


all these configurations are supported by this WebSDR.

The Raspberry-PI in these pictures is just an example. You can use any Linux computer.

it is not a multi-user software for hundred of users, its mainly for you, the operator. But it can be opened in many different devices/browsers simultaneously as long as the CPU power of the computer is fast enough.

supported SDR hardware:

* SDRplay RSP1a and others
* RTL-SDR compatible hardware (USB sticks and similar)

supported OS:

* PC-Linux 32 and 64 bit
* ARM-Linux 32 bit (ARM-64 bit only for RTL-SDR, not SDRplay)

it was developed on Ubuntu and runs on derivates like Mint and many others, but also on Suse-Linux and almost every other distribution.

supported computers:

* PCs
* Raspberry PI
* Odroid
* most other ARM SBCs

Most important features:

* full NB transponder
* two waterfalls, one full view and one showing a 20kHz segment
* auto-Sync to the beacon
* 5 NF filter
* CAT interface for ICOM transceivers (CIV) with auto-sync of the waterfall and the Icom frequency.
* various settings for the spectrum and the waterfall
* dB display of all detected transmissions
* maximum dB line
* operates over the network
* displays on any browser, PC, tablet, smartphone...

Main Screen (click in this picture to see a high resolution picture):

this picture shows the SDR running after a downmixer into the 2m band.