WSPR RX with the Banana PI

WSPR receiver with the Banana PI with convenient user interface

(Translated into English by: DL8CQ)

This installation provides a very convenient graphical user interface which stays not behind other solutions or even exceeds them. In particular, the decoding quality is superb thanks to the K9AN decoder.

Install operating system and prepare:

This process is described HERE .

Install K9AN software and prepare:
This process is described here.

Follow chapter 'The K9AN decoder and testing of the decoderô only. Then return here and follow the instructions below (the described automatic WSPR RX is not to be installed!)

System requirements:

as all was previously installed, here is only the summary:

* Libsndfile 
* Libfftw3 
* Mono version 3.10 
* K9AN WSPR decoder

Installation of the graphical user interface:

FFT analysis:

First we need the program for the FFT analysis. This is called fft.c and can be downloaded here . In addition, the file to compile it, is available here .

Both files are copied to /home/bananapi/wsprcan-master, this directory already exists if you have performed the above steps. Once the files are there, you enter to the console:


The WSPR program:

Download the program wsprlinux.exe here and copy it to /home/bananapi/wsprcan-master.
Start the program from the console (which is opened in the graphical interfaces with Alt-Str-T) with:

mono wsprlinux.exe

When you start for the first time you have to enter your callsign and grid locator, after that the program opens. 
! First, please choose the correct band to prevent incorrect spots!

wsprlinux now waits until a WSPR cycle starts (the beginning of an even-numbered minute) and then automatically starts the recording and shows the waterfall diagram.


Sort Time / Call ... Changes the representation of the list

Upload spots ... when activated, the received Spots will be uploaded to (Please check for correct band adjustment !!!)

Delete ... clears the list

2s / 4s ... not activated = one line per 2 seconds is shown in the waterfall, enabled = one line every 4 seconds, thus a smaller image

QRG marker ... when activated you can click in the waterfall or the list and get the associated Call or trace displayed.

red, green ... color of the waterfall diagram

Gain ... sensitivity of the waterfall diagram (left = higher sensitivity)

Zero ... base noise of the waterfall diagram (left = less)

Wrench-button ... opens the menu to enter call sign, there can also the width of the waterfall diagram be selected in two stages.